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Pepsi targeting & positioning


 Pepsi has historically targeted a young audience especially since the 1980s .Many of their ads were usually aimed at teenagers and even younger groups by introducing fun, sports and music in their ads. But ,Pepsi also attracts other age groups not only teens .

What is the purchasing behavior of the average Pepsi drinker?

How does Pepsi segment its market?



Firstly the Pepsi in America try to position its product for the society as whole and for the purpose of refreshment, which can be clearly visible from their advertisement slogans like-

“ any whether is Pepsi whether”-

“ the light refreshment “-

“ be sociable, have a Pepsi “

This positioning strategy they followed up to 1960 and after analyzing that it is very difficult to capture whole population as whole. So Pepsi after 1960 started targeted marketing and choose a different way to promote and to attract new customers by using huge marketing campaigns along the years and creating brand personality associated to the adventure.Pepsi’s goal is Attract a certain set of customers to buy the product by associating itself with young people who are energetic, fun loving and daring
In 2012, Mr. Jakeman (president-global enjoyment and chief creative officer) said, Coke represents happiness and moments of joy, while it protects culture and maintains the status quo. Pepsi, on the other hand, creates culture and embraces individuality. For Pepsi loyalists, leading an exciting life is much more important than leading a happy one, Mr. Jakeman said.
Those insights led Pepsi to embrace a brand positioning to "capture the excitement of now," and the campaign that has been developed carries the tagline, "Live for Now." It's already proved a potent rallying cry.


News of the "Live for Now" campaign began to spread last week, and the first spot, featuring a cameo from performer Nicki Minaj, is set to be released May 7. Pepsi Pulse, a company-curated "dashboard of pop culture" ranking tweets, photos and news items from the entertainment world, has replaced There's already a feeling among those close to the brand that something big is happening.

The positioning and campaign indicates a change, as Pepsi recaptures leading consumers rather than trying to put up with trends, according to Ms. Warrier. "We will need to invest in capability, in foresights and dynamic trend-spotting, design and creating social communities," she said.

"The new positioning injects new energy into not only the brand but the people who work on it," giving them a license to experiment with "exciting new initiatives," said Richard Lee, CMO-PepsiCo China. "Who doesn't want to work on a brand that promises to capture the excitement of now?"

Pepsi’s Brand positioning has finally always been as a refreshing cola drink for the youth, ubiquitous on just about every social occasion. The positioning has remained same since its inception in 1898. "The brand positioning was prompted primarily by the market segments largely untapped by coca cola (young generation) and its sweet sugary taste suited for its young consumers", Keller said. Thus it was able to create a Point of difference from Coca cola.


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