jeudi 22 novembre 2012

Coca Cola development strategy success

            For sure, brand loyalty is an important variable in maintaining Coke’s number one position. Founded in the year 1886, the Coca Cola company is the biggest non alcoholic beverage company of the world. It has a distribution system, which makes it unique from the rest of the soft drink manufacturers. Over the years, Coca Cola has enhanced the brand through tests and the company continues to communicate as much as possible to stay in consumer’s mind.
The brand development strategy of Coca Cola included brand and product development, but also techniques and strategies in order to keep up with the switching and changing trends of its consumers.
            Earlier, this brand believed in affordability, availability and acceptability.
However, brand development strategy of Coca Cola was reworked to match a higher loyalty and equity. They have based their branding on price value, preference and “pervasive penetration”. 
In order to have an effective brand identity, Coca tests each month more or less 20 attributes involving as many as 4000 customers. 
           The brand development strategy of Coca Cola has been able to build, manage and maintain its brand image according to consumers’ attitudes and behavior. 
A worldwide acceptance and a constant brand image has been possible thanks to brand loyalty; Coca Cola is connected with its customers and they do not count expenses on that field. 
Constant communication enables to enhance frequency of purchase, which is instrumental for brand loyalty. Also, by responding to a trend and a need which is “health” and “diet”, Coca Cola has segmented its market into 3 parts: Classic Coke, Diet Coke for girls style-conscious about their weight and Coca Cola Zero for men, promoting an unconventional but effective ad. Coca Cola went from “the real thing” to “many things” successfully thanks to its positioning and branding strategy.


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