dimanche 25 novembre 2012

How values influence consumer's Coke choice?

Emotional value: 
Coke has always been, and especially during though times, the brand which brings positivity and joy to people simply by taking a break with Coke. That has always been their message: to enjoy simple pleasure of life. That emotion is transcribed all over the world and shared by all the society whatever their age, social status or gender. The power of coke is to turn this benefit into its advantage by making it differentiating, and it works! A blind test revealed that Pepsi was preferred to Coke, while testers affirm they prefer Coke when they know the brand that is to say when the test is not “blind”. That is the emotional power Coca Cola achieved: changing a taste preference through the brand.

Social value: 
Coca cola is the symbol of sharing and social values. Throughout our own experiences reflected in their advertising, we share coke in different occasions such as beach trips, family dinners, football games, parties with friends…Coca cola brings people together, and makes all occasions good to share a Coke.

Condition & function values:
High availability: anywhere you are, whenever you want you will find Coke.
Available in all sizes and quantities.
Different tastes
Hydrating, refreshing, replacement for water.
Affordable for all social segment of a society

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