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Success of Pepsi branding strategy

Customer Desired Benefits : Pepsi has been successful in capturing the Youth Spirit.It has also ventured out to different customer segments with different offering for e.g. Diet Pepsi was introduced to cater to the health conscious people. Pepsi’s entire Product Portfolio caters to the different customer segments.
Relevance : It’s  considered to be a new generation drink, the drink has managed to grab the imagination of Teens and young Adults alike. Pepsi through the combination of innovative ideas (like Pepsi Blue even though a failure), effective communication and aggressive advertising has been able to stay relevant to its customers.
Pricing : based on consumer’s perception of Value and on the market. Pepsi isn't on a price war with coke in order to keep its brand equity.
Brand positioning : The brand positioning is based on its sweet sugary taste suited for its young consumers. Thus it was able to create a Point of difference from Coca cola.
Consistency : Pepsi has maintained continuity in its brand image and has been consistent in its brand promise of refreshing drink for Youth. It has always depicted a defying attitude and continued to challenge the market leader. Its campaign have been about making a mark and proving its real benefit among young people & cool people.
Brand Portfolio and hierarchy : All Pepsi brands cater to different market segments and rarely cannibalize each others sales. It also gives Pepsico optimum market coverage as its products are diversified.

Repertoire of marketing Activity : Pepsi’s Brand Elements are distinctive and the awareness is very high. It has an extensive distribution network. Promotional campaign have also been innovative in the usage of social media like Facebook ore twitter .
Internal Branding : Pepsi’s give it brand manager the liberty to experiment  ideas to capture customers at the bottom of the pyramid. Pepsi also has predefined set of rules that brand manager should follow which is meant to develop a sense of ownership for the brand.
Sustainable and support marketing programs : Pepsi marketing team is probably the most innovative when it come to determining go to market strategy for its product. The company’s marketing expenditures are very high.

Monitoring Sources of Brand Equity : Pepsi has a series of monitoring programs like periodic brand audit, routine brand sales tracking, monitoring brand performance, etc.
Pepsi branding strategy is very effective. Its brand value has been estimated to $12,762 million.
Building, measuring and managing Brand equity, Kevin Lane Keller

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